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  • Carbon Fiber Laminating Starter Kit
    Carbon Fiber Laminating Starter Kit

    Carbon Fibre Laminating Starter Kit Whether you're an experienced composites engineer in need of a small amount of material for an emergency job or a total novice keen to try your hand at making your own carbon fibre products, the Carbon Fibre Starter Kit provides you with all the necessary materials and information you need to start making your own...

  • Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit
    Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit

    Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit Our Vacuum Bagging Starter Kit includes all fittings, and vacuum bagging consumables necessary to start making vacuum bagged carbon fibre or composite parts.. 

  • Resin Infusion Starter Kit
    Resin Infusion Starter Kit

    Resin Infusion Starter Kit Complete starter kit designed to provide all the necessary equipment and supplies to enable anybody to undertake sophisticated resin infusion composites manufacture without the need for any additional equipment or training.